Episode 44: The Future is Behind Us

April 25th, 2010

Episode 44: The Future is Behind Us

That’s one of my favourite endings so far.

The wife and I went to the local comic convention on Sunday, and it was pretty phenomenal. So many amazing artists and creators. I was able to chat briefly with Ethan from AxeCop, picked up a really cool GI Joe print featuring early casting choices for the movie (more on that in a future post) and, by exhibiting some serious self control, only purchased 9 new GI Joe figures for future work in misplaced. One of the booths had several buckets of Gen1 figures in baggies for $5-10 each, and it was difficult not to get carried away and buy them all.

Then, after watching the Vancouver Canucks eliminate the LA Kings from the playoffs, I can safely say it’s been a good day.

Now lets all have a good week, and I’ll see you back here on Friday!

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